Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology

Florida Provider #50-34722; ARCB Provider #SA00183

Course# 20-926378 (24 continuing education hours)

***PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance into this training is limited to certified reflexologists or reflexology certification students, and massage therapists with at least an introductory level of reflexology education (15 – 20 hours) and experience practicing.

This course does not instruct in basic reflexology theories or techniques.

Elevate your reflexology or massage therapy practice with Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology (TTFR) training. TTFR is a three day, 24 hour in-person course where you’ll learn the Shivago Komarpai Method of Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology, originally taught by Karen Ball, Academy of Ancient Reflexology. 

TTFR is a combination of eastern (Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian) and western practices that combine massage therapy, reflexology, and Thai specific theory and techniques to support health and well being for the client. 

While attending, you’ll receive instruction in:

the history of TTFR;

traditional Thai medicine (an overview of);

the role of TTFR in Thai healthcare;

physical and subtle body energy anatomy/theory (from knee to foot);

benefits, contraindications, and ethical considerations;

the use of topicals and hydrotherapy (theory and practice);

TTFR techniques and sequencing (including demonstration and hands-on practice).


  • Training runs Saturday, Sunday, & Monday from 9am to 6pm.
  • Training is held at Nadi Om Wellness in Ocala, Florida. 
  • Local travel information is provided upon registration.
  • Must be present all days to receive certificate of completion.
  • One hour provided for lunch each day.
  • Be sure to wear loose clothing up to and over the knee for practice sessions.

Included: TTFR manual/workbook, beginner Thai oil, and one (1) hand-crafted Thai stick.

PLEASE BRING: Colored pencils, pen/pencil, linens (bottom sheet only), two (2) hand towels, bath towel or small pillow, foot tub, shea or cocoa butter. If desired: rolling stool, additional note-taking material. 

Your investment: $465

Class is limited to eight (8) students. Minimum of two (2) students required.

Be sure minimum is met before making non-refundable travel plans.






August 19 – 21 – REGISTRATION OPEN

(Registration closes August 15th)


February 24 – 26

August 17 – 19

Your course instructor, Grace Beck (MA87383, B01835), is a board certified reflexologist. Grace provides continuing education to licensed massage therapists*** (FL Provider# 50-34722) and nationally board certified reflexologists (ARCB Provider #SA00183).