Doggy Massage+

Therapeutic massage for companion animals can have just as much healing power as it does for their human guardians. Often, without a voice, dogs are unable to share the hidden pain they may be experiencing. 

Canine body- and energywork (aka Doggy Massage+) offers a chance for dogs and their humans to make a stronger connection while relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and improving quality of life for both!

Be a good hoo-man - book your doggy massage assessment today and learn more about how you can support your much loved animal companion. (You already know they support you - wouldn't it be nice for you to do the same? 🐾🫶🏻🐾) And yes, you will be involved, and you will learn how you can help your companion animal in between sessions with healing touch!

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Inital Assessment
$75 (60 mins)
Follow Up Sessions
$60 (45 mins)
$45 (30 mins)

Healing for Companion Animals