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EEH offers holistic self-care therapeutics that encourage the body’s natural healing abilities. Through an understanding of the five great elements of Ayurveda and their connection to the body’s energy systems, eastern and western techniques are combined to bring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

You’re invited to explore a journey of healing and wellness support through individually designed therapeutic services and holistic practices that include reflexology, reiki, meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic education. Call Grace for a consult today to discuss what your best path forward looks like.

Your body’s ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.




Reflexology is a non-invasive, integrative and complementary health practice that maps a reflection of the body on the feet, hands and outer ears. Reflexology uses unique manual techniques to deliver pressure to neural pathways that assist the body to function optimally.

Reflexology maps to every system in the body supporting holistic wellness in addition to better foot health.

Vedic Services

Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish

Explore your personal relationship with nature in a deeply connective way. Yoga and Ayurveda are practices that require self-awareness. With self-awareness, Yoga and Ayurveda can easily be modified to your individual needs. Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your true nature. A personal reading can help you understand the path you've had, the path you're on, and the path ahead.


Support for personal healing

Reiki (RAY-key) is the Japanese phrase for “universal life energy.” It is a practice used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Known to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being, Reiki enhances the body, mind, and spirit connection. Energy healing interacts with the energies that surround and innervate the body, affecting the subtle balances in our energetic fields. Energy work has been known to result in a deep, relaxing effect, allowing the body to heal itself from within.

Reiki may be combined with other therapeutics to support a stronger mind-body-spirit connection.


Visit the Zen Den and RELAX. Today’s stress is an underlying cause of the current day’s dis-ease that’s felt in the body. True relaxation that focuses on the physical and mental capacities encourages the relaxation response, helping to quiet the mind and develop a deeper body awareness. 

Appointments are available on the Gemstone Therapy Mat for pain, stress, and wellness management. Guided meditation and yoga nidra may be added to your session to deepen your experience.

Integrative Therapy

Lotus Sessions

“No mud, No lotus” ~Thich Nat Hahn

Integrative Therapy offers you a chance to re-connect body and mind for your highest healing possibilities! Lotus sessions create a body-mind connection to explore the healing possibilities you have within. A combination of therapies (relaxation, reflexology, and therapeutic massage) are used to create a relaxed, stress-free space so the body can start and/or continue its healing capabilities. Lotus sessions can be infused with Reiki to support the body’s healing efforts.

Canine Body- and Energy-work

Be a good hoo-man!

I've been practicing healing touch on companion animals since 2004, when my 12-year-old Rotty-lab, Buzz, needed surgery to remove a rather large (3 pound) lymphoma underneath his front leg. Buzz lived another six years, to the ripe old age of 18. I firmly believe the hands-on healing he received helped him live his best life. 

Let me share what I've learned with you and your companion animal to help you live a great life together. Body- and energy-work practices are not just for humans...

This is Pita, my service dog. You'll probably meet her if you visit us at the studio!



Anyone can learn the healing practice of Reiki. As a self-care practice, Reiki promotes deep relaxation that supports healing and energy balancing. In professional practice, Reiki is a welcome addition for those who provide holistic healing to their clients.  

Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology

Elevate your reflexology or massage therapy practice with Traditional Thai Foot Reflexology (TTFR) training. TTFR is a two day, 18 hour in-person course where you’ll learn the Shivago Komarpai Method of Traditional Thai Reflexology

Meet Grace

A proud U.S. Air Force Veteran 




"Self-care is a participation sport!"

 Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR B01835)

Licensed Massage Therapist, MA87383

Certified Reiki Master Teacher (Traditional Usui, Holy Fire® III)

E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher

Certified Ayurvedic Consultant

My journey started by practicing yoga in 1997. It's since led me to learn more about all natural healing practices grounded in the Vedic Sciences that bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Helping others by sharing that knowledge is my passion! I look forward to meeting you 💜

Offering Mind-Body and Manual Therapies to reduce stress and help you live your best life!

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